About Me

My name is Lisa (Winn) Jacobus. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.  I live on the NH Seacoast with my husband, two young children, and chocolate lab named Gracie. In 2016, I became a Mom -- and like most first time parents, I felt completely unprepared. Despite years of clinical experience and studying child development in school, I felt lost, insecure, and in need of answers. I soon discovered that I was not alone.

There are so many amazing things that come with becoming a first time parent.  Beyond watching my little ones discover something new for the first time, I have loved the connections and new friendships I have made with other Mom's and Dad's in the community.  It was through these connections that I learned that others were also feeling just as overwhelmed as I was.  

As a clinical social worker, I have been trained to identify needs in the community and look for solutions.  It was this pervasive need among caregivers that led me to seek training in the Positive Discipline curriculum. My hope is to help other parents feel confident and secure in their parenting approach.  Additionally, I hope to teach caregivers how to develop respectful relationships that will foster life skills and positive characteristics in their developing child. 

Why Winn?

The short answer is the additional ‘N’ was far less expensive. Who knew domain names are like real estate?  The long answer though is before I was married my last name was “Winn.”  It seemed fitting to name my parenting services after where I came from and give credit to the two people that made me who I am today – my parents. 

Some people take parenting classes because they do not want to be anything like their parents. Either their parents were too authoritarian or disconnected. Or they simply want to build on what their parents modeled. Thankfully, I was raised by two amazingly supportive parents.  And while my father could definitely be a little “too firm” and my mother at times “too kind,” I feel very fortunate to have them as my role models and support system in this parenting journey. 

Lastly, it was my friends who convinced me of the name, Parenting Winn. They reminded me that there are so many days that parenting makes you feel empty, alone, and like you are losing the biggest race of your life.  As a runner, one of the worst feelings is stepping up to a starting line, feeling completely unprepared and not fit enough to race.  Ultimately, we all want to get to that starting line ready to run a personal best or at least cross the finish line knowing that you have put your best foot forward.  This is what Parenting Winn is all about.  It is about putting your best foot forward, knowing that you are doing what you can to raise healthy, happy, respectful, and confident young children. And, that's a #parentingwinn!